Talking Brexit, negotiations and red flags at this year’s IHL Conference
Melanie McGuirk

On Thursday, 8 September 2016, we are holding our annual In House Lawyers Conference jointly with BCL at the Innside Hotel next to Manchester’s new development, Home. The Conference is always well attended with in house legal teams from a wide range of well known businesses across the Greater Manchester area coming to keep up to date on legal developments.
The program is designed to give in house lawyers practical advice on key legal matters and case law, and to provide information and guidance on any recent changes in the law. The event runs from 10am to 3pm and is a combination of seminars and workshops. Delegates can select their preferred two workshops from the four provided depending on the relevance to their practice area.
The workshops this year include interactive sessions on the topics of TUPE, an update on recent developments in contract law, renewing occupational leases on favourable terms and effective negotiation.
The last workshop is being presented by Dr Karl Mackie, one of the best known commercial mediators in the UK, identified by The Lawyer as one of the top 100 most influential lawyers and founder CEO of CEDR (the leading mediator provider). The workshop is based on Karl’s experience of being called in to assist with disputes arising from ‘failed’ negotiations or problem scenarios that require more complex negotiation skills.
The Conference opens with a presentation by one of the leading Queen’s Counsel in EU and competition law, Aidan Robertson QC of Brick Court Chambers, who will explain some of the legal consequences of Brexit.
Following a presentation on the incoming Data Protection Act Regulation and what in house lawyers need to know, the Conference closes with a session by Alison Ewing, Associate Director at Grant Thornton, who will present on the well received topic of what to look for when reviewing financial statements, including guidance on interpreting accounts to draw conclusions about a business. Entries which cause concern and ‘red flags’ will be examined, in addition to how the selection of accounting policies can impact the accounts.
If you are an in house lawyer and would like to attend the Conference, please get in touch.

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