“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success,” said Alexander Graham Bell. Sometimes as HR leaders, it can feel that you have to prepare for every eventuality as you can never predict what the next call or issue may be. But how can you prepare for you or any of your colleagues giving evidence at an employment tribunal?

Our mock employment tribunal training session gives managers and HR teams the opportunity to experience what could happen at this type of hearing and to take part as witnesses! Based on a fictional scripted scenario, we explain the set up and procedure of an employment tribunal hearing and provide you and your colleagues with the experience of giving witness evidence and being cross examined by a legal professional. You will have the opportunity to consider and discuss whether the claimant will win or lose, before hearing the final judgment.

This preparation can make a world of difference to future outcomes because participants will better understand the importance of following fair processes, documenting decisions and the potential consequences of failing to do so. It also gives you the opportunity to see how an employment tribunal operates and what sort of factors make the difference between winning and losing, as well as being quite good fun!

Here’s what some of our participants said:

John Wrigglesworth, Operations Manager, Rail Gourmet

“I found the mock tribunal very useful. Certainly, in how the judge rules, and the rationale behind it. Understanding the legal rationale more than I did and then the emphasis on witnesses coming across as credible were my main takeaways.

“Prior to that I thought the written evidence/bundle held far more sway but your credibility on the stand counts for a lot.”

 James Turner, Head of People Services, SSP

“A fantastic event which prompted really good participation and discussion throughout from the audience. Essential training for any leader who hosts any type of ER meeting with colleagues. Relevant case studies from outside of the business really helped bring alive the need to manage cases thoroughly, applying fair judgement, not just policy and process.”

Kerry Rodgers, Operations Manager, SSP

“It was a fantastic day and certainly an eye opener. It certainly will make me think more when doing grievances and appeals.”

To find out more about how we can support your business through training and development opportunities like these, take a look at the Pannone Academy website.


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