Plot is coming to Pannone Corporate this summer
Pannone Corporate

This August, Pannone Corporate is proud to be bringing Plot, the ‘world’s first on-demand garden’, back to Manchester.
Plot was initially launched as part of Manchester’s urban gardening festival Dig the City, from a small rooftop garden on Barton Arcade, the project quickly gained international attention, bringing the idea of the sharing economy to the problem of lack of green space in cities.
We loved the concept behind Plot and were keen to find a way to share the project with our team, clients and contacts.
Over the past few months we’ve been working with magneticNorth, the design and branding studio behind Plot, to create a new version – Plot at Pannone Corporate – in our very own outdoor space at The Chapel, Deansgate.
We’ve had a great time preparing the garden and now that it’s all ready to go, we can’t wait for people to come and enjoy the space as they wish. Whether it’s for a meeting, an informal chat or to enjoy the sun, Plot has been designed to accommodate all kinds of activities.
If you’d like to book your slot at Plot this summer then please get in touch – or (0)161 393 9080.
You can also keep up to date with all the latest activity at Plot on the
Pannone Corporate Twitter page.

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