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Fiona Hamor

Pannone Corporate’s HR Forum is a free regular update for employers and HR professionals, featuring sessions on employment case law, legislation and topics of interest to those involved in managing a workforce or dealing with HR issues.  In our next HR Forum, we will cover:
Protecting your Business
Building and maintaining a successful business involves time and effort so the last thing you want is for a rogue employee to damage or even destroy any part of that business, whether by enticing away customers, interfering with suppliers or referrers, or stealing confidential information or intellectual property. Unless however you think about the protection you might need right at the start of a relationship with a new staff member you may find that when the relationship comes to an end your ability to protect the business is limited.  In this HR Forum, we will discuss how you can protect your business from wrongdoing on the part of your current staff and unfair competition from staff who have moved on, including a look at the latest cases involving LinkedIn and other social media.  This session will be of particular interest to HR professionals, senior managers, and business owners.
Case Law Update
A summary of some of the more important or interesting decisions coming out of the tribunals and courts in the last few months, including decisions dealing with the employment status of people working in the “gig economy”, when work related stress is not a disability, and the latest decision on commission and holiday pay.
Legislation Update
An overview of the legislation on the horizon for 2017, including gender pay reporting, the apprenticeship levy, and changes to the rules on business immigration.

Event details:

When: Wednesday 1 March 2017
Where: Innside Manchester, First Street, Manchester
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Time: 8.30am registration, 9.00am start,12pm ends
Cost: Free
To express your interest in attending, please RSVP by email to:
If you have any queries please contact Fiona Hamor on 0161 393 9049 or email:

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