HR Update: disability discrimination – dismissal and the extent of the duty to make reasonable adjustments; and how to deal with anonymous evidence
Jack Harrington

What’s New?
This month we look at updated pandemic data protection guidance from the ICO, preventing furlough fraud, and will working from home by the new normal?


Recommending reasonable adjustments
Where a disabled employee is substantially disadvantaged by a workplace arrangement or practice, an employer must take reasonable steps to avoid that disadvantage, but how far might an employer have to go when it comes to making reasonable adjustments?


Anonymous evidence
In a recent claim, the EAT confirmed it was not outside the range of reasonable responses to dismiss someone in reliance on an anonymous witness.


Disability discrimination and dismissal
In the recent EAT case of Department of Work and Pensions v Boyers an employment tribunal was found to have adopted the wrong approach by focusing too closely on the employer’s decision making process rather than conducting a balancing exercise between the needs of the employer and the discriminatory effect of the dismissal on a disabled employee.




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