How we can help

Environmental law

From sustainability drives to clean air initiatives and the push to reduce plastic packaging, businesses environmental credentials are increasingly under the spotlight. In addition, environmental law is littered with onerous duties that are easily breached, often without obvious fault or intention. Such incidents can result in criminal proceedings, may be highly publicised and can result in long-term reputational damage for any businesses involved, as well as significant financial penalties.

It is important that organisations seek assistance and guidance, both with their ongoing and day to day regulatory obligations and compliance, but also following any adverse incidents which may arise. Early intervention and legal support can often have a significant impact on the future course of any regulatory or environment agency investigation, including whether enforcement action is ultimately taken.

Our expertise

We work with our clients to understand their regulatory impacts to help them understand and manage the environmental risks their operations present. We encourage a collaborative approach with the regulatory authorities and advise and support clients with these (sometimes difficult) interactions. At the more serious end of the spectrum, we will guide clients through criminal investigations and prosecutions, helping them to identify and seek acceptable outcomes, including civil sanctioning where appropriate.

We also work with our corporate and real estate colleagues to help clients understand the potential environmental risks stemming from proposed transactions.

Our track record

Our lawyers have advised clients in a wide range of industry sectors and in connection with a range of environmental issues including:

  • Advising a waste management company as to its obligations in connection with transfer notices;
  • Representing a manufacturer following an escape of lime at its production site, and its subsequent interaction with the local water course;
  • Advising a food producer following allegations of unlawful trade waste discharge into public sewer network;
  • Working with a leading gym provider to manage its relationship with a local authority following service of a noise abatement notice.