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Corporate manslaughter/gross negligence manslaughter

All workplace fatal accidents are initially investigated as potential cases of corporate and/ or individual gross negligence manslaughter. There can be no more serious allegation levelled at a business or individual, and the experience of being investigated for these most serious of crimes is both challenging and stressful.

Our expertise

Our experienced lawyers provide the calm and assured advice needed when faced with the distressing prospect of a police investigation.

We guarantee the support of a senior lawyer, available 24/7, to guide you through the process. From the initial – and often lengthy – fact finding exercise, we help clients steer a path through the investigatory maze. From instructing (and often undertaking) internal investigations subject to legal privilege through to advising on employee representation, expert evidence, potential liabilities and case strategy, we become an integral part of your incident response team.

Given the gravity of such allegations and the potential criminal liabilities threatened, we always urge clients to seek early advice following a workplace fatality, so that the business and its individuals are fully supported from the outset.

Our track record

Our lawyers have extensive experience of representing both organisations and individuals investigated and prosecuted for manslaughter offences, including:

  • Represented the Managing Director of a construction company investigated for individual gross negligence manslaughter and charged with health and safety related offences following the death of an employee crushed whilst demolishing a wall.
  • Represented a family business and its members during an investigation into corporate and gross negligence manslaughter following the death of an employee during road resurfacing works. No manslaughter charges were brought.
  • Represented the Managing Director of a metal recycling company charged with individual gross negligence manslaughter following the death of an employee. Manslaughter charge dropped and individual pleaded on a non-causative basis to a health and safety breach thereby avoiding a custodial sentence.
  • Represented an individual in connection with the high profile, well publicised CPS/ HSE prosecution following the Bosley Wood Mill explosion in July 2015 which killed four people. The client was acquitted on day 50 of the trial in April 2021.