How we can help

Commercial Services

Our commercial team advises on all types of commercial agreements, ranging from straightforward trading agreements through to complex major projects. The team has a broad range of expertise across various disciplines and market sectors, working with both suppliers and customers from the private and public sectors. We also have specialists within the team who advise on IP and IT-related agreements, and compliance with data protection laws.

We offer the following commercial services:

Commercial agreements – We advise on all commercial agreements, including in relation to manufacturing, supply and procurement of goods and services, distribution (whether through agents, distributors or resellers), outsourcing, and joint ventures.

Data protection – Compliance with data protection laws is becoming an increasingly important issue for most businesses, particularly given the increasing amount of information and data being generated and collected, the value attached to it, and the importance of protecting it. We advise clients on compliance with data protection laws and assist clients in understanding their obligations. We also help them to ensure that their collection and use of personal data complies with the law.

E-commerce – We also advise online businesses in relation to their website and online presence, including hosting agreements, website terms and conditions, compliance with e-commerce regulations (for example in relation to the sale of goods online), and agreements relating to payment services, online marketing analytics and affiliate networks.

IP – Our IP specialists advise on agreements relating to the development, ownership and/or exploitation of IP. We advise on agreements such as brand licensing agreements, patent and know-how licences, research and development agreements, merchandising and sponsorship agreements, and franchise agreements. We also advise on compliance with advertising rules.

IT – Our IT specialists assist IT suppliers in drafting and/or negotiating agreements with their customers and with customers engaging third party IT suppliers, for example when investing in new IT systems or software, outsourcing IT services to third parties or engaging a third party to host their IT systems or website. We advise on a wide range of IT agreements, reflecting the ever changing and evolving landscape of IT, ranging from development and implementation of IT systems, software licensing and IT hosting to outsourcing, support and maintenance, and SLAs.