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Prevention is better than cure when it comes to employment law, and training and knowledge-sharing are the keys to prevention.  We offer a wide range of seminars, workshops and interactive training sessions on employment law and HR issues for HR professionals, line managers, in house lawyers, and senior management teams.


Our training covers the full spectrum of HR issues, including TUPE, changing terms and conditions, handling sickness absence, managing poor performance, and equality and diversity. We also offer a ‘mock’ tribunal to give clients a real understanding of what goes into the preparation of a tribunal case and how a tribunal hearing will unfold.


We understand that training has to be delivered in a way which is relevant and accessible and, most of all, enjoyable so all our in house workshops and seminars are interactive with a practical focus.  In the words of one of our delegates, our workshops are “lively, engaging and create the opportunity for difficult real life …. scenarios to be discussed with openness while offering practical solutions.”


We work in co-operation with our clients to make sure the in house training we provide reflects your internal practices and procedures and is consistent with your commercial and operational objectives.


Examples of the training courses we offer can be found below.  For further information, please contact


Management Upskilling


Who is this course aimed at? Managers who have responsibility for managing employees.


This practical course covers the employment law essentials needed by people managers to deal effectively with the most common HR issues. The course is split over three sessions:


Session 1 covers the basics: employment status, contracts of employment, working time and time off, and ER issues such as absenteeism and misconduct.

Session 2 highlights the legal risk areas that managers need to be aware of, including unfair dismissal, discrimination and whistleblowing.

Session 3 is aimed at effective management of two of the most common problem areas: poor performance and long-term sickness absence


By the end of this course, your managers will be able to deal effectively with day to day ER issues and identify those issues that need more specialist HR and/or legal advice.


Equality and Diversity


Who is this course aimed at? Your workforce


A company can be liable for the discriminatory acts of its employees unless it has taken “all reasonable steps” to prevent discriminatory behaviour on the part of its employees. Equal opportunities and diversity training for your workforce is an essential part of your company’s defence in the event of a claim for unlawful discrimination.


This interactive course starts with the basic concepts of discrimination law but then goes on to focus on practical examples and steps that can be taken to avoid discrimination and encourage diversity and equality of opportunity in the workplace.


By the end of this course, delegates will have learned about the Equality Act, gained an appreciation of the business’ positive obligations around equality and diversity and gained an understanding of the different ways in which discrimination and harassment can occur.


Introduction to employment law


Who is this course aimed at? Managers and junior HR professionals,


Some of the more common HR issues, such as poor performance or sickness absence, can quickly escalate and, in the worst case, lead to employment tribunal claims if not handled carefully. Having an understanding of the employment law that underpins these issues can help managers to take effective action and minimise the risk of claims. In this introductory course, we aim to provide HR professionals and managers with previous experience of handling HR issues with a legal background to the issues they are likely to encounter during the lifetime of an employment contract. The course covers employment status, terms and conditions of employment, working time and time off, discrimination, whistleblowing, termination and unfair dismissal.


By the end of this course, delegates will be familiar with the key concepts of employment law and have an understanding of the legal risks and obligations arising from day to day HR issues.