How we can help

Contract and Policies

When it comes to avoiding employment claims and protecting your business, there are no easy answers, however, putting in place effective employment contracts and policies is the first and most important step towards mitigating the risks and ensuring you are in the best position to defend any claims. We draft effective employment contracts, policies and procedures which will be the cornerstone of your HR strategy.

We understand that every employer has different priorities and objectives and that standard template documents are not necessarily appropriate for your business so we make sure that the contracts and policies we produce are fit for purpose and are consistent with your culture and objectives.

Our job is to draft workable, practical and accessible contracts and policy documents which are written in plain English (so your employees can understand them without resorting to a dictionary), give you the flexibility you need to operate your business effectively and to respond to changing market conditions, set out rights and obligations clearly to minimise room for dispute and protect your business against unfair competition.   

We can advise you on the best way to introduce new terms and conditions into your workforce, including advice on consultation with trade unions or other representative bodies.

As a standard part of our service, we regularly review your contracts and policies to make sure that the documents you have in place keep up with developments in the law.   We also offer audits of your current contractual documentation with recommendations for improvement and are happy to work with you to update your current contracts and policies.

We also draft consultancy agreements, directors’ service agreements, letters of appointment for non-executive directors, and negotiate and draft settlement agreements.